Baby it’s cold outside!

Tis’ the season to get cozy around a warm fireplace and dive into a delicious hot bowl of

L’Olio Novo

The Tuscan Green Gold, from the farm to the fork! Autumn isn’t only about roasting chestnuts and sipping

Truffles – When, What, How?

Everything you need to know about these earthy fragranced and pungent tasting gems! October is a rich harvest

Certaldo’s Sweet Red Onions

In the XIV century, in one of his most famous novels (VI, 10) from The Decameron, Boccaccio wrote:

Mercantia – A Summer Night’s Dream

“I had a dream, one midsummer night, of those you could never imagine! A medieval hamlet was my

P – for Pasta: fresh, handmade & delicious

Raise your hand if you’re a homemade pasta lover! One thing I have noticed throughout the years, is

B – for Baccelli & Pecorino

With all this nice and warm springtime weather, people start roaming the countryside basking in the sun, away

S – for Spring and Sprouts

How do we know its springtime here in Tuscany? Just saying “springtime is here” is dull and a

C – for Carnevale

… and other ancient Tuscan traditions “Semel in anno licet insanire” (once a year, it is allowed to

V – for vineyards

 “While Nature Awakens” – behind the scenes Every January is a new beginning here at Giuseppina’s Cooking School;