P – for Pasta: fresh, handmade & delicious

Raise your hand if you’re a homemade pasta lover! One thing I have noticed throughout the years, is

B – for Baccelli & Pecorino

With all this nice and warm springtime weather, people start roaming the countryside basking in the sun, away

S – for Spring and Sprouts

How do we know its springtime here in Tuscany? Just saying “springtime is here” is dull and a

C – for Carnevale

… and other ancient Tuscan traditions “Semel in anno licet insanire” (once a year, it is allowed to act like crazy) – our ancestors used to say on February, during the most bizarre and outgoing celebration of the year. The Carnival season is a tradition that we are carrying on since medieval times, when jesters

V – for vineyards

 “While Nature Awakens” – behind the scenes Every January is a new beginning here at Giuseppina’s Cooking School;

B – for bread

Before the awakening of spring, with its changes, from the garden to the rhythms of life, we love to bask a little more in the warmth of the house in winter.  Here’s how during the cold season our lethargy is to slow down and rediscover the joys of country life. That’s why Sunday is the