Panzanella – Typical Tuscan appetizer

Ingredients for 6 people 600 g of two-day Tuscan bread 6 Ripe but firm tomatoes 1 Red onion

La Sportellina – a Tuscan traditional Easter cake

The season of Lent in the old days, was by precept a time of fasting and repentance, so

The Tuscan Raw Ham & other childhood memories

As I’m sitting by the fireplace sipping my coffee, watching some shy snowflakes dancing in the air, like

Baby it’s cold outside!

Tis’ the season to get cozy around a warm fireplace and dive into a delicious hot bowl of

L’Olio Novo

The Tuscan Green Gold, from the farm to the fork! Autumn isn’t only about roasting chestnuts and sipping

Truffles – When, What, How?

Everything you need to know about these earthy fragranced and pungent tasting gems! October is a rich harvest

Certaldo’s Sweet Red Onions

In the XIV century, in one of his most famous novels (VI, 10) from The Decameron, Boccaccio wrote:

Mercantia – A Summer Night’s Dream

“I had a dream, one midsummer night, of those you could never imagine! A medieval hamlet was my

P – for Pasta: fresh, handmade & delicious

Raise your hand if you’re a homemade pasta lover! One thing I have noticed throughout the years, is

B – for Baccelli & Pecorino

With all this nice and warm springtime weather, people start roaming the countryside basking in the sun, away

S – for Spring and Sprouts

How do we know its springtime here in Tuscany? Just saying “springtime is here” is dull and a

C – for Carnevale

… and other ancient Tuscan traditions “Semel in anno licet insanire” (once a year, it is allowed to

V – for vineyards

 “While Nature Awakens” – behind the scenes Every January is a new beginning here at Giuseppina’s Cooking School;