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Torta con L’Uva

Cake with Grapes and Walnuts Ingredients: 2 Eggs 7 Tbsp. Sugar (175 gr) 7 Tbsp. Milk (140 gr)

Cantuccini Toscani

CANTUCCINI DI PRATO Ingredients for 40 cookies 500 g of flour 400 g of sugar 250 g of

Scaloppina al Vino rosso

Scallops in Red Wine Ingredients for 4 people: 4 slices of veal fillet, 1 sprig of rosemary, 1clove

Pici al Ragu

– 4 people PASTA: 200gr four 00 type 100gr water or 2 large eggs 1 tbspoon olive oil

sformato di zucchine con Tartufo

ZUCCHINI FLAN WITH TRUFFLE INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLES 4 Zucchini 1 Clove of garlic Salt Pepper Extravirgin olive oil 1

Fagioli all’uccelleta

Ingredients for 6 people 800 g of boiled cannellini beans 1 twig of sage 2 garlic cloves 4

Zuppa di cipolle

WHAT DO YOU NEED 1 kg of sweet red onions 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 2


Ingredients for 6 people 6 marrowbones 3 cloves of garlic 2 twigs of rosemary 10 g of dry

salame dolce

Ingredients for 8 people 200 g of dry cookies 100 g of sugar 150 g of butter softened

Branzino all’acqua pazza

Ingredients for 4 people: -4 sea bass fillets -a clove of garlic -parsley -chili pepper -extravirgin olive oil


INGREDIENTS 1 kg of yellow-skinned potatoes 200 g of type 00 soft wheat flour 1 egg 2 pinches

Melanzane in Tasca

WHAT YOU NEED Knife, cutting board, oven, sauce pan. 2 round eggplants 1 sprig of parsley 1 clove


EQUIPMENT: Large pan, chopping knife, cutting board. 1 free range chicken (in 8 pieces) 1 handful Black olives,