1 kg of yellow-skinned potatoes
200 g of type 00 soft wheat flour
1 egg
2 pinches of salt

a pastry board
a fork or a rigagnocchi
a basin
a pot for cooking

Tip: in this recipe we don’t have to use a lot of flour, because we have to keep the flavor of the potatoes 🙂

take the potatoes and boil them with the peel (35/40 min), if possible with steam to prevent them from getting soaked in water, to see if the potatoes are cooked in a stick with a wooden stick, if the potato is softly pierced it is cooked, if you find resistance in piercing it, it prolongs the cooking for another 5 minutes.

once they are cooked, peel them and cut them in half to let the steam come out, mash them with the potato masher in a bowl,

put some water in a saucepan and put it on the fire, once the gnocchi dough is ready we should try the consistency of the dough by baking a dumpling in boiling water.

add an egg to the bowl with the potatoes, not all the salt and flour, mix well to form a homogeneous paste,

take a small portion of dough and roll it on the pastry board, cut the elongated dough into small sections, shape it with your hands to form balls and use the rigagnocchi or fork to give the typical shape of the dumpling, try abutting a dumpling in the pan in boiling, if the dumpling goes back to the surface intact has the right proportion of flour and you can proceed to make them all, if the dumpling crumbles and breaks you have to add a little flour to the dough and try again, remember not to wait long during processing because the humidity of the potatoes absorbs the flour and you will have to add it continuously, losing the taste of the potatoes.

I suggest you make them and cook them because even making them and waiting can compromise them in consistency, I know they are delicate, but they are also very good 🙂

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