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Cantuccini Toscani

Ingredients for 40 cookies
500 g of flour
400 g of sugar
250 g of toasted almonds
3 whole eggs plus 3 yolks
50 g of softened butter
½ packet of yeast for cakes
1 small cup of Vinsanto
1 three-fingered pinch of salt
You need little more than a baking pan.
Pour the flour with the yeast on a chopping board and build the usual “fountain”, placing
the eggs and 2 yolks in the middle with the softened butter, sugar, salt and the Vinsanto.
Mix all the ingredients well, until you have got a smooth and uniform compound.
Then add the almonds and go on mixing.
Now shape little sticks, 2 fingers wide and 1 finger high, and put them on the baking pan.
Leave at least 2 fingers room between each, because they will expand during cooking.
Use a brush to paint the surface with the remaining part of the yolk: this will confer a
lovely color to the cookie.
Cook in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
Once they have been cooked, place them on a chopping board and
cut out cookies one finger wide.
Place them on the cut side and put them in the oven again to let
them dry for 7 or 8 minutes each side.
Keep them in a well sealed cookie tin.
Get a bottle of Vinsanto, and pour some on them