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B – for bread

Saturday kneading

Winter time is the period for indulging in the joys of country life.

That’s why Sunday is the day for bread baking. good bread that lasts an entire week. Our sourdough was resting in a jar by the fireplace since last weekend, as a sly cat, nothing but flour and water fermented.

Saturday evening, It’s time to wake our natural yeast and by adding flour and warm water we start kneeding, about six kilos will be the quanity for our family, but we always consider a little extra that is eaten in front of the oven when baking.

Sunday is fast approaching and our dough go back near the fireplace, rest and rise all night. Natural rising, without yeast, require more time but we do not hurry and we can say goodnight to our dough.

Sunday baking

Buongiorno!  not a big breakfast today, the feast will come later, so after a good espresso , while starting the fire in the oven, the dough is shaped into loaves, folded one last time and those little ones will rise again for a couple of hours, during this time the top of the oven will become withe, the temperature is right, we can remove the fire and embers, clean the surface and start baking.

All of the loaves have to fit inside or will be wasted, the teperature is enough for one only batch, this is a delicate step, it need to be done gently but quickly as the oven have to be sealed as soon as possible.

After one hour the magic happen, as the smell comes out of the oven, curious people will comes out of their homes to get a taste.

Buona Domenica!