Branzino all’acqua pazza

Ingredients for 4 people:
-4 sea bass fillets -a clove of garlic -parsley -chili pepper -extravirgin olive oil -salt -white or rosé wine -ripe cherry tomato
preparation of ingredients:
wash the fillet well to eliminate all the scales, cut the tomatoes into cubes, chop the parsley, chop the garlic. chop the chilli pepper it is possible to chop parsley, garlic and chilli together. keep the tomato separate from the aromatic herbs.
before starting, divide the ingredients into two equal parts Preparation: take a dish that contains the four sea bass fillets, possibly a little larger than the fillets, so as to contain all the ingredients without problems. put a nice drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on the plate, take the first half of the aromatic herbs and sprinkle them over the whole surface of the dish, (parsley garlic and chilli pepper), do the same for the first half of the chopped tomato. take the 4 sea bass fillets and place them on top to cover all the ingredients.(skin up) put a little extra virgin olive oil on the fillets. spread the second half of the aromatic herbs on the fillets covering the whole surface of the fillets, do the same for the second half of the tomatoes .
at this point the fillets are ready for cooking.

Cooking sea bass fillet:

Take a pan with a large enough bottom to accommodate all 4 sea bass fillets in the same position as they are on the plate.
bring the dish with the sea bass to the pan, shake it a little, to remove the fillets from the plate and slide all the contents into the pan.
salt the sea bass with a pinch of salt to 3 fingers.
add the wine, (about a glass), cover the pan
arrange pliers to turn the sea bass fillets halfway through cooking.

light the flame and start cooking.halfway through cooking, we will notice that the fillets will have a color change on the edge, becoming lighter. turn the fillets, cover the pan again, wait another 2 minutes, the wine is reduced giving the crazy wather .

the sea bass fillet in crazy water is ready. enjoy your meal 🙂

branzino all’acqua pazza